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Flexible Engagement Models, Tailored To Meet Your Diversified Needs


Abtech Solutions offers flexible delivery options that can accommodate your market needs and adapt to your definitive business culture. Every business is unique, so we believe that every relationship requires a unique strategy. We understand the challenges customers face across different phases of the software lifecycle. Through its multi-engagement experience, AbTech Solutions has evolved methods and processes to facilitate a collaborative harmony with its clients for new product roadmap, application management, re-engineering and third party testing. A meticulously crafted engagement model helps our clients to manage their risk and balance their supply and cost strategy for key business functions. We offers various engagement models as follows:

Fixed Price Engagement Model

For our clients where scope and specifications of the project requirements are clear and scope of work impossible to change much, we offer project based fixed price model. Our agile development process guarantees accuracy, predictability and gilt-edge performance from your projects and assures on-efforts and on-budget outcomes..

Choose Fixed Price Engagement Model when

  • Requirements are clear, well defined and unlikely to change
  • You deal with small or medium project which won’t last for more than few months
  • You used to outsource similar projects before

Time & Material Engagement Model

For Requirements, functionality and details that are intricate and are relied upon to changes in between the development stage, we propose T&M based Engagement model as best IOT development company in USA. Customer will have adaptability as far as project specification, Task-based work, and R&D task, here the project costing is an element of the aggregate task execution time and the equal resources utilize.

Choose Time & Material Engagement Model when

  • You have constantly evolving or unclear requirements
  • It’s a large project with numerous iterations planned
  • Your developments needs will deviate over the time
  • You appreciate transparency in customer-vendor relationships

Dedicated Team Engagement Model

When client want to avail complete team stack or want to extend their Team to our infrastructure, we offer Dedicated Offshore Development Team (ODT).We provide expert resource, best infrastructure & communication facilities, by ensuring smooth execution of project.It is a low-cost, flexible, and customer controlled Engagement, empowering clients to continuous version and feature enhancements of their product.

Choose Dedicated Team Engagement Model when

  • When you need more manpower for the in-house development team
  • When you are fond of cross-border knowledge sharing and bringing in outside minds
  • When you have a fair vision of how your project should evolve and have enough time and resources to keep abreast of all the management aspects