SmartWatch App Development

SmartWatch App Development

As per statista : by 2021 smart watches’ position in the market is expected to expand considerably, with projected unit shipments of nearly 81 million. According to Statista : By 2022, Wear OS and Android are expected to be installed in 37 million smartwatches worldwide, while another 34.5 million smartwatches are expected to run Apple’s watchOS.

Wearables are an emergent technology, and smartwatches can soon be a big revolution too, but only if they offer real advantages and unique features; smartwatches should never be smaller smartphones. What developers need to understand is they don’t have to put the apps of our phones in our watches, but create specific and truly useful ones. There will still be things we won’t want to do with our watches, like typing messages. Aren’t some smartphone screens small enough? If we continue this trend, new generations will suffer from severe vision, headache and neck problems.

Smartwatches are a complete new experience. The user experience can’t be compared to that on a laptop or smartphone. You have to adapt to a new set of rules for the development of successful smartwatch app. The most important challenge of smartwatch app development is the small screen of a smartwatch. Information and the user interface of smartwatch app have to be optimized for the smaller screen. The main advantage of smartwatches is that they are always close to your customer. Smartwatch apps are instantly available and therefore the ideal instrument to activate your clients by using notifications for example.

Some reasons for start smartwatch app development

  • Excellent Accessibility
  • Affordability
  • A New Development Path
  • Superb Exposure for Enterprises

Benefits of smartwatch app development

  • Smart Security
  • Media Management
  • Answer Messages by Voice
  • Fitness Tracking
  • GPS
  • Data Analytis
  • Battery Life

Our smartwatch app development experts here at ABTech Solutions are passionate about app creation and the possibilities offered by smartwatches can take that to a whole new level. We hold notable presence as one of the best wearable app development company in India for creating most modern and interactive interfaces. We are ready for the next step in the future of technology. We can assist you with the smartwatch app development for the Android, iOS and Tizen platform. Let’s create some killer smartwatch apps !!

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