Start-ups Product Development

Start-ups Product Development

“Ideas rule the world,” the popular saying goes. You often have an idea, but not always have the time, resources, or money to execute on it. Entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas, and AbTech Solutions has all the necessary expertise – from Business Analysis to User Experience Design to, of course, custom software development, quality assurance and deployment to help transform ideas into a successful market offering.

As problem solvers, our team is always ready to face new challenges. Thus, we strive to work with start-ups. We have experience working with many early stage start-ups in the recent years which is followed by the actual product development.

We understand the challenges that small companies face, and we are very flexible in our business models in working with start-ups adjusting to their special needs.

Software Development Services for Start-ups

  • Assessment, Roadmap and Software Architecture Development
  • Prototyping, workflow modelling
  • Front End, UI and UX services
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Application Maintenance and Support
  • Product Development Services

Technologies We Serve

We will create the new opportunity in your product/business to do a job with implementation of trending and latest technologies that customers want done.

We work with Start-ups at about every stage

  • The Consulting Phase:We analyse the operations and needs of companies, spend a lot of time listening, make suggestions and then develop an agile development plan for the project.
  • The Customization: This is the design phase. Our programmers are some of the best in the business. There will be a project manager and a team assigned to each project, not just a single developer working in isolation. And we staff up a project team very quickly. We have methods and tools in place to communicate with our clients on a regular basis, face-to-face, and we schedule regular demo meetings with you.
  • The Roll Out:This is the deployment phase. We train your people. We support you through implementation, and we make adjustments as that roll out occur.
  • Continuing Support: You will find that our clients are always our clients, and that is why we have 24-hour support well past the deployment stage.

Why AbTech Solutions Deal Could Be the Perfect Way to Launch Your Start-up?

  • Faster Time-To-Market
  • Reduced Hiring and On boarding Costs
  • Access to a More Diverse Talent Pool
  • Boosted Efficiency and Innovation
  • Cross-Learning Opportunities
  • Reduced Product Development Costs

We at AbTech Solutions charge a fraction of what it would take a start-up to develop their software in house. Moreover, we use agile communication with our clients. Our clients get daily updates on the progress and have a direct contact line to designers and developers responsible for their project.

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