IoT Predictions for 2019

IoT Predictions for 2019

    1. Connected Cars will own the roads in 2019:The automobile industry is also expected to become a major beneficiary of the internet of things. With the onset of self-driving vehicles, it is prudent for the market to capitalize on this. Come 2019, it is anticipated that you will be able to monitor the car’s condition virtually.Innovators will be working on establishing the most responsive systems to connect the various devices. For instance, you will be able to know the car’s health by simply accessing your mobile applications. That’s not all there is the prospect of getting real-time feedback from the smart cars.
    2. Growth of IoT based Smart Healthcare Solutions:Research firm Berg predicts that by 2021 there will be 50.2 million people remotely monitored using connected healthcare devices compared to 7.1 million in 2016.Many IoT based healthcare solutions like smart pills, smart home care, personal healthcare management, IoT based mobile solutions for health and fitness, enhanced patient care management, smart inventory management, secure and sensitive data management have been invented. These smart solutions have potential to deeply penetrate the healthcare industry inside-out during the year of 2019. In one statement, IoT has brought healthcare home for the people.
    3. AI powered Smart Mirror-future of Retail Technology:For a Smart Mirror to be placed in a clothing store, augmented reality software allows users to try on different clothes in real time, as a sort of “try before you buy” option. The mirror will work as personalized product recommendation engine. A one-of-a-kind AR solution for keeping audiences of all ages entertained and engaged while simultaneously generating ROI.By 2020, 85% of customer interactions in retail will be managed by Artificial IntelligenceSmart Mirror market will reach $1,220.3 million by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 14.4%

      70% retailers globally are ready to adopt the IoT to improve customer experience

    4. IoT in Smart Cities:The advent of technology advancement has grown to the level of smart technology. That is why you will hear of more smart neighbourhoods and cities out there. It should be brought to your attention that IoT is likely to facilitate this move.So far, there has been a great breakthrough when it comes to smart homes. For instance, there have been smart neighbourhoods in Toronto, Canada and various parts of USA. Next year, the focus will be the expansion of this project to the city level.
    5. IoT Making Way in the Manufacturing Sectors:This listing would be incomplete without the mentioning of the manufacturing industry. You should note that there will be growth especially when it comes to IoT and the manufacturing sector. That is why there will be smoother transitions from one department to the other.Under this, you will note that the supply chain management will be enhanced via the internet. Remember, the main goal is to get rid of delays and redundancies in the sector.
Final Words

The future has a lot more for us. Thanks to IoT, we’ll experience a 360-degree transformation not only in our vehicles but the world we live in. Be ready to see the dream of fully automated cities come true in just a couple of years from now.

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