Mobile Application Development Trends in 2019

Mobile Application Development Trends in 2019

When the first smart phone was launched for the general public in 1994, nobody could have predicted how integral a part of our life it will become. Currently we have 2.1 billion mobile users and in 2019, the number is expected to cross the 5 billion mark according to a report presented by Statista.

    1. Wearable Apps:As per the report of the Business Intelligence, the market of wearable will hike about 35% by 2019. Smartwatches not only enhances your personality and style, but also has become a crucial device on many fronts.
      So, whether you are doing physical workouts and exercises every morning or going for a cycling session at gym, the wearable apps will help in sending data about how much distance you covered and amount of calorie burnt.
    2. AR and VR:AR and VR, both are cool! There is no doubt about that. But in 2019, their use cases will not be limited to just gaming applications anymore.
      In fact, these technologies are also predicted to seen on social platforms for branding as well as targeting potential customers through ‘Beyond The Screens’ AR/VR apps.
    3. Artificial Intelligence:AI & Machine Learning both have dug their heels quite deeper into mobile app market. AI for the most part, has made itself manifest in the form of chatbots, while Siri, the combination of machine learning as well as artificial intelligence is now a very much part of mobile app innovations that cannot be separated now.
      In fact, according to IDC, more than 75% of workers who are using ERP solutions will now leverage the capabilities of AI to expand their proficiency in workplace.
    4. Internet of Things:The word ‘smart things’ or the ‘smart objects’ was originally created by a relatively new technology – Internet of Things. It is basically a network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, electronics, and software which are all interconnected within the network itself.
      Overall, the IoT is considered to be one of the game changing technology in the world of mobile application development. In fact, the global IoT market is expected to generate $1.335 Trillion US dollars in revenue by the year 2020.
    5. Mobile Wallets or Mobile Payments:In 2017 Google mobile app payments surpassed the $700 million mark. This is an increase of almost $500 million in only four years.
      There is no doubt about the fact that the demand for mobile wallets is on rise, and with security being the top most concern among developers, the usage of mobile wallets is only going to increase in the year 2019.
      Mobile wallet trends in 2019Over 2 billion mobile wallet users
      More secure mobile wallets
      Contactless payment
    6. Cloud Storage:Though many still consider Cloud to be a luxury option, but in 2019, that won’t be the case anymore. The world has already started waking up to the benefits as well as possibilities that Cloud has to offer. For instance, reducing costs in hosting, improved loading capacity, and streamlined business operations are only a few benefits Cloud provides.
      That means, we should also expect more such powerful apps, requiring minimal storage space from smartphone to be released in 2019.
    7. Blockchain Technology:Ever since its debut, blockchain development has opened up a world of newer & exciting opportunities in the IT sector. While in 2018, we all mostly saw the use of blockchain in creating cryptocurrencies and smart contracts only. But in reality, blockchain is more useful than you can ever imagine.
      In simple terms, Blockchain is expected to contribute more in mobile app industry by making the mobile app itself decentralized, just as bitcoin’s blockchain did for money.
    8. Beacon Technology:Most of you are familiar with the Beacon technology, which isn’t a new terminology in the mobile app dictionary. However, the point is, come 2019, and we are going to witness it in a more enhanced way.
      The technology will not remain confined to only attracting the customers near to store and sending notifications but it would be used in airports, mobile payments beacons, and even the personalized beacons. In this way, the users will get access to information in a more seamless manner.
2019 and Beyond…

In the mobile app development industry, the next big thing is always around the corner. Mobile and software development can help solve big problems and change the lives of everyday people at scale, this is the most exciting thing to bear in mind.

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